Our Advanteges

  • Top 10 Manufacturer

    Top 10 Manufacturer

    The annual production of epoxy fiber glass insulation sheets over 3000Tons
  • 20 years

    20 years

    20 years’ technology & experience
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    ISO9001 quality management system ROHS certification is available for roducts
  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    We will offer the most competitive price to maximize your benefits and win more business

Our Main Products

Our company is a Leading manufacturer of Thermoset Rigid Composites,we are committed to providing professional and effective solutions for high-end Electrical Insulation materials and special customized composite materials.

  • G5 Sheet

    G5 Sheet

    NEMA Grade G5 materials are Electronic alkali-free fiberglass reinforced laminates,bonded with melamine resin.It has good arc resistance and certain dielectric properties and flame retardant properties.

  • G10 Sheet

    G10 Sheet

    NEMA Grade G10 materials are 7628 fiberglass reinforced laminates, bonded with epoxy resin.With high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat and wave resistance,also with good machinability.

  • G11 Sheet

    G11 Sheet

    The TG of our G11 sheet is 175±5℃.It has high mechanical strength under normal temperature , still has strong mechanical strength and good electrical properties under high temperature.

  • G11-H Sheet

    G11-H Sheet

    NEMA Grade G11-H material is similar to G11,but with improved thermal endurance properties.The TG is 200±5℃.It belongs to Grade H insulation material,and corresponded to EPGC308 in IEC Standard.

  • FR4 Sheet

    FR4 Sheet

    Similar to G10 Sheet,but compliant with UL94 V-0 standard.Widely used in motors and electrical equipment, various switches, electrical insulation, FPC reinforcement boards, carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pads, mold fixtures, etc.

  • Fr5 Sheet

    Fr5 Sheet

    FR5 compare to FR4,the TG is higher,the thermostablity is grade F (155 ℃),our FR5 has passed the test of EN45545-2 Railway applications - Fire protection of railway vehicles-Part2: Requirement for fire behaviour of materials and components.

  • EPGM203 Sheet

    EPGM203 Sheet

    Epoxy glass mat EPGM203 iskeiy made from layers of chopped strand glass mat, treated with high TG epoxy resin as binder.Has strong mechanical strength , good electrical properties at 155℃.And it has a good mating and punching properties.

  • PFCC201 Sheet

    PFCC201 Sheet

    PFCC201 is produced by bonding cotton layers with phenolic resin. It has great mechanical strength and therefore is suitable for applications in which good wear- and load- resistance properties are required.

  • 3240 Sheet

    3240 Sheet

    3240 Material is a cost effective insulation material which is widely used in the processing of insulating parts, and processed into all kinds of insulating parts and equipment insulating structural parts.

  • 3241 Sheet

    3241 Sheet

    3241 is a semiconductor material.It can be used as anti-coroning material between large motor grooves, and as non-metallic wear-resisting structural parts material under high conditions.

  • 3242 Sheet

    3242 Sheet

    Similar to G11,but improved the mechanical strength.widely used in large generator set, electrical equipment as insulation structure parts, high voltage switch gear and equipments.

  • 3250 Sheet

    3250 Sheet

    Suitable for class 180 (H) traction motors, large motors as slot wedges and high-end electrical appliances as heat resistant insulation materials.

  • EPGC201 Sheet

    EPGC201 Sheet

    Mechanical,electrical and electronic applications.Extremely high mechanical strength at moderate temperature.Very good stability of electrical properties in high humidity.

  • EPGC202 Sheet

    EPGC202 Sheet

    Similar to type EPGC201.Low flammability.It with high mechanical properties,dielectric properties and flame retardant properties,it also with good heat resistance and moisture resistance

  • EPGC203 Sheet

    EPGC203 Sheet

    Similar to type EPGC201.It belongs to grade F heat resistance insulating material.EPGC203 is match to NEMA G11. It has strong mechanical strength and good electrical properties under high temperature.

  • EPGC204 Sheet

    EPGC204 Sheet

    Similar to type EPGC203.Low flammability.It has high mechanical strength,thermal state mechanical strength,fire resistance,heat resistance and humidity resistance

Products you may be interested

We have a wide range of electrical insulation materials,we have more than 20years experience in manufacturing and Research and Development of thermoset rigid composite,we will be your consultant for your electrician insulation application.

  • EPGC205 Sheet

    EPGC205 Sheet

    EPGC205/G11R is similar to type EPGC203/G11,but with roving cloth.The material has the ability to maintain excellent mechanical, electrical and physical properties at elevated temperature to 155℃.

  • EPGC306 Sheet

    EPGC306 Sheet

    EPGC306 is similar to EPGC203,but with improved tracking indices,our G11 is match to EPGC203 and EPGC306.Or you can call it as G11 CTI600.

  • EPGC308 Sheet

    EPGC308 Sheet

    Similar to type EPGC203,but with improved thermal endurance properties.Suitable for class 180 (H) traction motors, large motors as slot wedges and high-end electrical appliances as heat resistant insulation applications.

  • EPGC310 Sheet

    EPGC310 Sheet

    EPGC310 is similar to EPGC202/FR4,but with halogen free compound.This product was laminated with electronic glass cloth impregnated with Halogen free epoxy resin.

  • PFCP201 Sheet

    PFCP201 Sheet

    Phenolic paper laminate sheet is a type of composite material made by impregnating paper with a phenolic resin and then curing it under heat and pressure.

  • PFCP207 Sheet

    PFCP207 Sheet

    Mechanical applications.Mechanical properties better than other PFCP types. PFCP207 is similar to PFCP201,but with improved pouching characteristics at lower temperature.

  • GPO-3


    UPGM203/GPO-3 is a glass reinforced thermoset polyester sheet material. GPO-3 is strong, stiff, dimensionally stable, and impact resistant. The material also has excellent electrical properties including flame, arc, and track resistance.

  • SMC


    Sheet molding compound is a type of reinforced polyester containing glass fibers. The fibers, which are typically 1” or greater in length, are suspended in a bath of resin – usually epoxy, vinyl ester, or polyester.

About Us

  • Jiujiang Xinxing

    Jiujiang Xinxing Insulation Material CO., LTD is belongs to JIUJIANG XINXING GROUP,was founded in China in 2003 and is mainly engaged in high-performance electrical and electronic rigid insulation laminated sheets.

    With our research persons being the experts in the field of manufacturing,researching and developing,applying of rigid insulation laminated sheets for more than 20 years,we become one of the most experienced and professional manufacture in the rigid insulation laminated sheet filed,boasting years of servicing for over hundreds of customers in different applications and we have the technical and product knowledge to provide you the best product solutions to fit your applications.

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